🎁Reward System

Explain how rewards will be multiply and distribute to holders

🧱 What are rewards?

The rewards for Diamonds Shield are quite unique and differ from other rewards token. Diamonds Shield don't use normal reflection system which using tax from each transaction (buy/sell) and immediately rewards the investors, but using the reward tax collected to create pool account. Pool account will be use in another platform to generate more income & profit. This will ensure that every Diamonds Shield holder will earn MORE REWARDS in the form of USDT and continuously receive rewards even in bear market or low/no volume. Enable them to earn Unlimited Passive Income.

There are 2 type of rewards that the investors will receive. 1. HOLDER Reward. 2. DIAMOND HAND Reward.

All of the rewards gain will be split by two; 50% will distribute to HOLDER Reward and another 50% will distribute to DIAMOND HAND reward.

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