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The Diamonds Shield's team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the market, having closely observed and learned from a variety of successful project that had launched in the past. Leveraging this combined knowledge and innovation, we have developed a sustainable and safu project that set a new standard in the industry.

Diamonds Shield born as one of the deflationary crypto that have fix supply and our usecase act as rewards token, provide the investors unlimited passive income in form of USDT over period of time. So, the investors don't have to panic when the price goes down.

Diamonds Shield features very unique, we do not use the tax immediately to reward our investor directly but the tax will be use to generate more income and continuosly rewarding our investors. The tax will be use in another platform to generate more income. The investors will earn passive income continuosly as long as you hold Diamonds Shield.

Diamonds Shield focus to protect the real investors also known as diamond hands in crypto space. Nowadays, a lot of projects out there that killing the diamond hands by scamming, rugging and pump & dump. The Diamonds Shield appreciate the diamond hands and will protect them from such events. The best part for being hodler, there plenty more rewards such as DIamond Hands Rewards, Bonus Rewards, utility NFT and many more.

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